5-Axis Machining

High Tech Machining Capabilities

Our high tech Makino machining cell is comprised of three state of the art machines that provide the latest technology in machining complex shapes quickly and accurately. The cell is ideal for high-speed finish machining of complex, multifaceted, 3-D contours.

Makino V80S 5-Axis machine

The cell features the V80S vertical machining center - the only 5-Axis machine in North America able to accommodate larger part sizes with a wide variety of high-end finishes. The V80S utilizes continuous 5-Axis processing to complete shapes typical of both complex prototyping and production in a single set up. It features a titling/rotating spindle, insuring that the tool tip can be positioned to provide optimum contact with the workpiece to provide outstanding surface finishes and minimize post machining hand processes.

Makino F5 Vertical Machining Center

The F5 vertical machining center enhanced with a graphite package is a hard milling machine designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting and reduced vibration resulting in accurate execution of tight-tolerance blends and matches.

Makino EDNC 6 Sinker EDM

The EDNC 6 Sinker allows the machining of complex shapes by removing material from the work piece from extremely difficult areas that other machines cannot reach while adding fine details. In addition, it is capable of machining extremely hard material to very tight tolerances.